Code Green: bTV Media Group’s Special Week

From 5 to 10 June, the media group is dedicating its platforms and all of its workflows to the "Green Week", part of the "The Good Example" initiative


bTV Media Group's "Green Week" is part of the established social brand "The Good Example" and aims to focus viewers' attention on sustainable practices and good examples of care and protection of the environment. 

The week kicks off with World Environment Day on June 5th and the theme of food. In the following days, the themes that will define the content of all platforms are fashion, energy and water, transport, pollution and plastic waste, while Saturday is dedicated to how we spend our time with the whole family outdoors.

In addition to themed stories and interesting guests on "Before Noon", "CoolT", "This Morning" and the shows on the radio airwaves of bTV Radio Group, we will also introduce the web audience to the latest news with daily topics from the green week on, and We have prepared a special selection of movies and documentary titles on the channels of bTV Media Group, as well as a thematic section "The Green Week" on VOYO.

In addition to the viewers, the media group will make all of its employees involved in the initiative with various internal “green” activities during the week: "meatless Monday", clothes swap bazaar, recycling of small devices and equipment.

At the end of the week, on Friday June 9th, the "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together" initiative will carry out a national meeting for all partners, which will celebrate the most distinguished volunteers and partners from last year’s campaign. At the event, bTV Media Group will also officially announce the launch of the 2023 campaign, as well as its date.

Any advertiser who wants to participate in support of the initiative is welcome to get involved through the specially prepared thematic proposal that our team will soon distribute. We remain available for more information.