Colorful Contestants With A Variety Of Professions In "Dish Of The Year"

The first entirely Bulgarian culinary format begins soon on Soul&PepperTV


For the first time on the air begins an original Bulgarian culinary format, which is about an original interpretation of a recipe. The show is an exciting television battle in which professional and amateur cooking enthusiasts show off their enviable cooking skills and compete for the "Dish of the Year" award.

A lawyer, a dentist, a money exchange employee and professional chefs with years of experience around the world are among the approved candidates who embark on a culinary battle. The contestants are of different ages and come from various places across Bulgarian. And what they have in common is that they love to cook.

The selected contestants compete in 5 different categories, but only one of them will take home the Dish of the Year award. The winning dish can be exclusively included in the menu of a star restaurant. And the winner will have the opportunity to realize his own show on the air of Soul&PepperTV, become a chef in a first-class restaurant and receive more prizes. 

Each applicant's dish must meet the following requirements:

- to be according to an original interpretation of a recipe;

- fall into one of the five main categories;

- to use a maximum of two techniques in the preparation;

- to include at least one authentic Bulgarian product in the recipe;

- the preparation time should be up to 2 hours;

- it should be so delicious that it is worthy to be the DISH OF THE YEAR.

The selected candidates show their skills by preparing one original recipe. Their offerings include impressive combinations of seafood, meats, vegetables, interesting herbs and unconventional desserts. Some of the contestants visit organic farms, dairies and organic gardens to select the best quality products for their recipes. Their dishes are colorful, varied and polished to the last detail. Viewers will see the fabulous offerings of people who have personally prepared meals for presidents and royalty. It will also see candidates cooking on luxury yachts on the high seas and catering to the tastes of celebrities on their vacations.

The reality show is filmed in the Rose Valley. The medieval atmosphere of the Chateau Kopsa hotel and winery was chosen as the setting of the show. Contestants will cook under designer crystal chandeliers, among antique decorations and furniture made of solid oak, green and black marble all the way from Zimbabwe. For the presentations and specialties, the contestants will be able to use excellent, aromatic and ale wines directly from the cellar of the Minkovi family.

Kamen Vodenicharov, beloved by generations of Bulgarians, is the host of the culinary competition. And a professional jury selects and evaluates the candidates.

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