“My Celebrity Party“ With Chef Rowe Coming This Spring On bTV

The main lady of the culinary arts will be celebration in the company of popular guests


In just a few weeks, bTV will broadcast the latest original culinary show in its program - "My Celebrity Party". The show is created entirely around the inimitable image of the global culinary art star - Chef Silvena Rowe. The “Queen of Tasty and Healthy Eating" will organize a special celebrity party, where together with famous Bulgarian celebrities, related to each other in unexpected ways, will mark various occasions. While enjoying the good food, guests will have also the task of preparing it under the watchful eye of Chef Rowe. All participants will be privileged to cook with the prima of the culinary scene and with her advice will be creating masterpieces while sharing interesting stories about their lives. In the cozy atmosphere, Silvena will tell the audience and her guests curious stories and memories, and will not miss any interesting facts about food. People who like to experiment in the kitchen will be able to learn healthy recipes in person from Chef Silvena Rowe.

With "My Celebrity Party" and the invaluable experience of Chef Row, bTV continues to monitor and present the global trend and passion for balanced living and its practical application in the culinary world. With its own show and a variety of star guests, Chef Rowe will reveal the secret of her cuisine with the help of culinary interpretations of Bulgarian celebrities. "My Celebrity Party" is a high-quality and modern cooking show, through which bTV once again proves that it is a major driver in the development of this genre. The show will grab the audience not only the incredible personaloty of Chef Rowe, but also wit its interesting guests, recipes and food for every taste.