New Online Segments Are Enriching the Viewer Experience in This Autumn


bTV Media Group will include a new exclusive online segment for the format "Bulgaria's Got Talent" at – “More from Bulgaria’s Got Talent”. 

In 28 episodes, the famous and attractive host, Daniel Petkanov, who is one of the most popular Instagram influencers in the country, will take users behind the scenes of the show. The episodes will be published twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and with a duration of 5-7 minutes.

The digital extension will include a variety of content to keep online users engaged. They will be able to see: behind-the-scenes video content, exclusive content from the jury room, a special commentary studio, exclusive footage for web only, as well as fun moments and games with the jury.

"Save the Talent" will be the new interaction on the website of the show, - a vote in which fans can give a second chance, choosing to send one of the dropped-out contestants to the grand finale.

Following the success of "Goran in the forest" and "Goran and the farmers", "The Farm" will continue to engage viewers online in the new season with the digital format "Life behind the Farm" at

"Life behind the Farm" consists of 42 episodes, spread over 14 weeks (3 per weekThe host of the segment will be the popular artist Miron Krumov.

Users are able to watch several segments online: "What you didn't see", which includes a commentary on exclusive videos for web only. In each video, Miron comments on the most interesting situations in the farm. "The stars tell me" is an updated version of the iconic segment of the show "Clash". "The Farm on the inside" is a segment in which Miron goes behind the scenes of the show.

In addition to the digital extensions of "More from Bulgaria Got Talent" and "Life Behind the Farm," the Man In the Kitchen online series continue with new and more appealing episodes on

As until now the platform Champions TV will offer fans all sorts of activities in relation to the broadcasting of UEFA Champions League matches.

In addition to digital extensions, advertisers will also be able to develop their communication campaigns via radio extensions.

Distributing the content from the premium content titles across all platforms gives advertisers an exceptional opportunity to reach the maximum number of viewers through a variety of advertising forms.

The multi-platform world of bTV Media Group continues to grow and retain consumer attention. High quality content is the successful condition that allows advertisers to uplift their brands and touch the hearts of their potential consumers.


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