Radio N-JOY Celebrates Its 17th Birthday With an Innerglow Concert

Listeners also became viewers with a livestream concert on the radio's Instagram account


On June 1st, Radio N-JOY added another year to its radio airplay by celebrating the holiday with on-air games, cakes and lots of live music. At 5pm sharp, the special celebration programme for N-JOY's 17th birthday began, hosted by the iconic N-JOY Inspector and smiling presenter Domenica Dimitrova! One of the most beloved Bulgarian bands - Innerglow - entered the transformed the radio studio with a festive set prepared especially for the radio. From 5 to 7 pm the musical trio, consisting of Todor Kovachev (vocals and keyboard), Petar Zhelev (guitar) and Matey Hristoskov (drums), performed some of the band's most loved songs such as Little Magnets, Nowhere, Hurt Ya, Crawling and others. Especially for the N-JOY radio celebration, Innerglow's brand new track Mindless Grinding premiered on air.


Throughout the day, greetings from loyal listeners, 17-year-olds and favorite musicians rained down on the radio airwaves. Listeners also became viewers with a livestream of the special on the radio station's Instagram account: In behind-the-scenes conversations and many personal revelations, the band and crew managed to keep hundreds tuned in on the festive day.


Immediately following the concert programme, DJ Pancho's festive set was played on air on one of the country's most recognisable radio stations, bringing the celebration to a close.

Radio N-JOY would like to thank all its friends, listeners and partners for the wonderful wishes and the shared emotions!