Radio N-JOY Is the Choice of the Young Audience

The radio chain extends its coverage with a new frequency in the town of Obzor


Radio N-JOY is the choice of the young audience, as confirmed by the latest ratings by the GARB agency* for listeners in the 18-34 and 15-25 age categories. The radio chain scores top positions in terms of rating, listened minutes per day, and number of people reached on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Another piece of good news is that the radio is adding a new frequency in the town of Obzor, accessible at 107.9 MHz.

Over the past year, the program of N-JOY radio was enriched with a number of new segments that allow anyone excited about traveling, showbusiness, cuisine, and even psychology to find interesting content. Thanks to the rich program, the good music and the various campaigns it realizes, the radio manages to achieve impressive results among the audience that changes its opinion most frequently, namely the youth. "The fact that we are talking to our listeners with the tone and smile we use when talking to our best friend also contributes a lot", says Desislava Raycheva, host of the show "Pleasantly distracted with Desi" on Radio N-JOY.

We remind that radio N-JOY expanded its coverage in the city of Troyan at the frequency of 103.4 MHz. At the moment, the program of Radio N-JOY enables listeners to hear their favorite hits and also drink their morning coffee on the beach with Inspector N-JOY, sunbathe at the pool form 10 to 2 with Neya, and be pleasantly distracted every weekday afternoon with Desi, as part of the grand summer tour with the mobile studio of N-JOY Summer.

Stay updated about Radio N-JOY on and on the Facebook page of the radio.

* According to data from the GARB people-metric agency for April 2019 in the urban and rural environments.


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