Survivor Returns With A Completely Revamped Production Model Of An Entertainment Format

Before we lift the curtain to the upcoming new season of the reality show, we take a look at one of the memorable product integrations from last season - The Spirit Of Adventure In A Cup Of NESCAFE 3in1 Frappe


The most large-scale and exotic project of any TV portfolio in Bulgaria will once again excite the fans of extreme reality formats on bTV. Shot by global standards with the partnership of Bulgarian and international crews with many years of experience, Survivor’s latest season will impress with an original concept by offering a new and different adventure that will surprise participants and viewers alike.

The 7th season of Survivor Bulgaria will prove in a new way that the recognition and title “The Last Survivor” is for those who possesses complex qualities such as a stable mind, physical power, resourcefulness and strategic thinking. The fans of the reality format will become witnesses of not only epic battles testing human strength and spirit, but will also accompany the participants in the challenges they will undertake together. A key moment in the reality adventure in 2023 is the short gap between the period of filming and the broadcast of the episodes. The new season of Survivor will offer a completely changed model for the production of an entertainment format on the Bulgarian market and will open up attractive opportunities for brand integrations. Here is a look at one of them from Survivor 6.

The idea

The main idea of the product integration was to associate the NESCAFÉ 3IN1 FRAPPÉ brand with the format’s concept, including a sufficiently powerful and memorable presence. Survivor is a format in which participants are faced with a range of challenges that are unusual for real life and must step up to overcome themselves.

Surviving in an environment which is vastly different from daily life is connected mainly with physical and strategic effort under very deprived conditions. It is exactly this environment in which we carried out the integration as a special reward entwined into the format’s content – the desired cup of NESCAFÉ 3in1 Frappé in a perfect combination you could not be able to stir up far from worldly life.

The presence

Coffee is an important part of the daily routine of most people and the lack of it was discussed many times during the format, which is why the presence of NESCAFÉ 3in1 Frappé was met with exceptional enthusiasm and the smiles of all participants. The exact combination at the exact moment in the format added to the positive effect of the product integration. It was realised at several key points in the game. On the eve of the Grand Finale – one of the most intense moments of the format – two of the participants had to meet in the negotiations hut to discuss their strategy and moves in the game. Without their knowledge, a pleasant surprise awaited them there – everything needed to prepare a refreshing and desired drink – NESCAFÉ 3in1 Frappé. At another subsequent, important stage, the brand was introduced as a prize – a picnic with a glass of NESCAFÉ 3in1 Frappé in the midst of the exotic nature of the Philippines.

The participants’ spontaneous reaction in combination with the concept of the show itself, as well as the exact spot in the realization of the integration made it especially visible and memorable.



Season: Spring 2022

Channels: bTV

Agency: PHD