Survivor With New Advertising Opportunities With AR Instagram Filters

bTV Media Group introduced the innovative tech format for advertisers with "The Voice of Bulgaria" in Fall 2021


Survivor, the biggest and most exotic project in the portfolio of Bulgarian TV, which will soon start on the air of bTV, has prepared a digital surprise for its fans.

bTV Media Group will develop augmented reality filters on the Instagram channel of the extreme reality show. Thus, the media company continues to consolidate its high-tech standards through innovative and relevant solutions on one of the most popular social platforms.

bTV Media Group set the new trend in communicating with its top-formats audience as early as the fall season of 2021. By introducing branded, value-added filters on the Voice of Bulgaria Instagram channel, we built on our brand integration capabilities and provided direct access to our users.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) on Survivor's Instagram channel will enable fans to become the characters from the reality show.  The AR filters will literally transform viewers logged into Survivor's Instagram channel into the contestants.

Users can also use them in their daily communication with each other or share them. The filters react to even the slightest facial expressions, contributing to an even more creative result.

The activation of AR filters also enables different brands to implement their message in the filter, turning it into a memorable and effective advertising positioning.

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