The Fun Adventures Of Four Fathers And Their Families Are At The Center Of bTV's New Bulgarian Show "Daddies"

The new production will further enrich the Fall schedule of the television


The shooting of the latest fun family series on bTV - "Daddies", which will be broadcast this fall, begins. The story in it presents in a fun and exciting way the daily challenges faced by four fathers and close friends in search of their place under the sun - as men, husbands, lovers, professionals and especially as daddies. The characters will try to find an answer to the question "What is the role of the father in the 21st century and can he be absolutely equal to the mother?". The problems of the fathers and their efforts to be number one for their children, despite all their imperfections, their almost impossible attempts to balance between family members and all the misunderstandings, dramatic and comic situations that arise from them, will cause a lot of laughter and good mood for the viewers in front of the TV screen and in the digital platforms of bTV Media Group.

"BTV has proven many times that it can create intriguing Bulgarian series in various genres, always relying on quality at the expense of quantity. This confirms our role as a driver in the development of this segment of the television market in our country. In addition to a strong story in a genre loved by viewers, "Daddies" will provide a platform for the talent of a number of emerging Bulgarian actors who will follow the success of the already established among the huge audience of bTV," said Hristo Hadjitanev, Programming Director at bTV Media Group.

Fresh, modern and authentic, "Daddies" promises not only to attract the female audience, but also to receive the support of gentlemen and even children - with current topics, problems and solutions faced by the characters in the series. The four friends with different destinies, social status, profession and temperament, united by their desire to be good fathers, will try to prove to everyone that the father is no less a key figure than the mother. Some of our best and current actors Filip Bukov, Stoyan Doychev, Pavel Ivanov and Hristo Padev will play the roles of modern fathers, and their characters will undoubtedly become audience favorites.

The producer of the new series "Daddies" is bTV, the executive producer is Dream Team with producer Evtim Miloshev. The series under license by Viacom International Inc. and is an adaptation of the hit production "Dear Daddies", broadcast with great success in more than 15 countries around the world.

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