The Strong Content of Cartoon Network Led to an Increase in the Audience Share on an Annual Basis for TG 4-17 and TG 7-14

In July as well, the animation channel provides entertainment through a variety of titles


Popular and established hit titles, as well as new premiere productions, are at the heart of the successful Cartoon Network programming scheme.

In July, the programming scheme of Cartoon Network includes top animated productions such as "Summertime Weekends with Gumball", "Craig by the Creek" (Season 1), "Ben 10" (Season 3) and "10 Transformations of Ben", which retain audience attention.

In H1 2019, the audience share of Cartoon Network in Bulgaria for TG 7-14 is 9.0%, or 32% more than in H1 2018.

An increase in the audience share on an annual basis is seen also in TG 4-17:

There is an also rating increase for the first half of 2019: The rating for TG 4-17 is 0.6% and for TG 7-14 - 0.7%.


The strong content of the animation channel led to a 9% increase in the audience share for TG 4-17 (2017 vs. 2018), with an average audience share of 6.5% in 2018. This ranks it second in the children's channels in Bulgaria for TG 4-17 in the past year.

Advertisers have the option, apart from spot advertising, to also tie their brand to their desired film through alternative advertising forms - such as an ad bumper and partner spots at the start of the advertising blocks. This provides a comprehensive presence of the brands in the children's program.

The Sales team of bTV Media Group is available if you also want to tie your brand to the strong content of Cartoon Network. By including spots and alternative advertising forms, you can increase the success of your communication campaigns, reaching the loyal audience of the children's channel.

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