The World Rally Championship is Coming Live to RING

The most interesting stages of the competition and analyses of each section will be part of the special programming offers of bTV Media Group’s sports channel


Fans of quality sporting content will enjoy one of the most exciting world car racing events on RING air. Each weekend by the end of the year, the channel dedicated to the best and qualitative sports content, will broadcast live every single segment of the World Rally Championship. At the weekly prime time slot, the bTV Media Group team will heat up the wait to the weekend races with daily previews, while on the week after each section’s finale, hour-long recaps will summarize the most interesting highlights.

The audience will be transported through various destinations with Portugal, Italy, Finland, Germany, Australia and the UK being some of them. Some of the largest car manufacturers are set to debut their new race cars, which offers an additional incentive to the devout followers of auto races.

Being the sports channel that has positioned itself as the destination for fans of sports variety, RING offers advertisers an opportunity to reach the widest possible audience. With its tendency to have premium competition formats on its regular broadcast schedule, the channel adds value to the brands’ communication packages, enabling them to cover as many people as possible.

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