This Season As Well bTV Will Continue With The 360° LIVE Stream Adventure On The Big Finales

Audiences and advertisers will take part along the contestants on the finales of “The Farm” and “The Voice of Bulgaria”


bTV will continue offering its advertisers a special offer to be part of technological challenge that is the 360° LIVE Stream. 

This year as well, two cameras will be used during the live digital 360 final. The special pedestals and placement of the cameras will contribute to an even more interactive feeling of the atmosphere during the contested finals. 

This year the 360° LIVE Stream finale of "The Voice of Bulgaria" will have a new host - the always-cheerful Preya. 

360° LIVE Stream the battle for BGN 100,000 in the eighth season of "The Farm", entitled "The Bridge of Time" is expected to be even more watched, as the show will include iconic names from previous seasons of "The Farm", such as Happy Vanche, Yani Andreev and more, along with new, attractive contestants.

For more details, you can contact the colleagues from the "Digital Sales" department at, who will personally discuss every opportunity for your brand in the web world of the 360 live finals of "The Voice of Bulgaria" and "The Farm".