European Media Alliance joins forces to bring total video to life across Europe

United by similar targets and inspired by joint challenges in the media environment, our combined power enables cross-border cooperation in markets covering more than 200 million households and reaching 550 million inhabitants. A common vision now facilitates international business relationships between Europe’s leading broadcasters.


September 20th, 2019 Mr. Theodore Kyriakou, Chairman and shareholder of the Antenna Group hosted the European Media Alliance (EMA) by meeting ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (GAS), Channel 4 (UK), TF1 (France), Mediaset (Italy), Central European Media Enterprises (CEE) and Impresa (Portugal) to further strengthen the ties across Europe.

The meeting focused on common challenges faced by broadcasters due to the absence of a unified framework that slows down the distribution of total video across EMA’s markets and hinders advertisers from fully utilizing the potential of premium European inventory. Several potential opportunities of collaboration were identified as the result of the dialog and sharing of regional successes, innovation being the key factor for staying ahead of the dynamic market environment.

Building on existing initiatives, the EMA leaders decided to consolidate agreements and understandings by setting up a joint governance to create a unified measurement currency across video inventories and to enable addressable TV across partner markets. EMA shares the vision that joining forces at a European level and implementing shared initiatives in multiple countries offers a unique opportunity to exponentially increase the speed of digital transformation.

Theodore Kyriakou, Chairman of Antenna Group: "It was my pleasure to host this summit of the CEO’s of the leading broadcasters in Europe and to be in a position to encourage and support collaboration amongst industry leaders who seek a response to a fast changing media landscape where global players are making inroads into the European media landscape”

Max Conze, CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE: “Once again, it has been a great European Media Alliance Summit. Having had valuable discussions on upcoming challenges and how to tackle them as well as on how to implement future team work facing key challenges and crucial topics such as streaming, monetization, and technology, I am very satisfied to see our all common topics are making progress within the European Media Alliance. Plus, the feedback regarding our recently launched streaming platform Joyn showed a strong interest from many of the countries to expand Joyn on a European level.”

Christoph Mainusch, Co-CEO of Central European Media Enterprises: “The summit has been a great opportunity to have Europe’s leading media executives together in one place in order to set the strategic road-map for enabling the potential of total video. We all strive to take a leading role in forming industry standards for a unified measurement currency as well as addressable TV and CME is looking forward to establishing the joint EMA initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe.”   

Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4 Television: “As a commercial public service broadcaster, we at Channel 4 know the enduring strength of TV as the most powerful advertising platform and we believe that collaboration and partnership will maximize our success. We continue to be fully committed to our partnership with our European broadcast partners to ensure we’re always innovating commercially to the benefit of advertisers in this ever more dynamic market.”

Photo: Christoph Mainusch, CME (4th from left, front), Alex Mahon, Channel 4 Television (5th from left, front), Theodore Kyriakou, Antenna Group (6th from left, front); Max Conze, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (3rd from right, background).