Maximum Power, Maximum Music – Hell Energy In "The Voice of Bulgaria"!

Let's recall one of last season's most memorable product integrations


The idea

The format "The Voice of Bulgaria" gathers contestants who rely mainly on their vocal skills to enter one of the four celebrity teams. Undoubtedly, some of the qualities they should possess are courage and determination, as well as the desire to succeed. Qualities that, together with our partners from Hell Energy, we recognized in the brand they represent and  carried out a successful product integration in season 9 of "The Voice of Bulgaria".

The presence

The execution of the product integration unfolded in all stages of the format, which made the overall presence extremely consistent and rich.

We started from the "Blind Auditions", positioning the Hell Energy product quite naturally backstage, where the participants shared their emotions and had the opportunity to support themselves with a Hell Energy Drink.

To saturate and make the integration even more effective, we rolled out the brand presence throughout all subsequent stages of the format. We also included alternative forms of advertising, with which enhanced and built upon the product integration. Of course, we left the gradation for the finale itself, where Dara, as a member of the jury and brand ambassador, gave final instructions to her participant, who subsequently won "The Voice of Bulgaria" season 9.

Our partnership yielded positive results in terms of awareness and greater promotion of Hell Energy among audiences, and the effectiveness of the presence was also recognized with the brand’s new bid for presence in the upcoming Season 10.

CLIENT: Hell Energy

BRAND: Hell Energy

SEASON: Fall 2022