Master Fun In MasterChef

A story about the Swedish favorite princess cake is presented in an innovative way by IKEA in the seventh season of MasterChef


The princess cake became a main character in one of the episodes of MasterChef, in which the participants were given a special task to recreate it, while learning the history of the popular Swedish dessert. In this way, we created the most suitable context in which we told the philosophy of an extremely social brand and understood more about it by returning to the roots and traditions of the country from which it originates. The story of the popular "princess cake", which has its own holiday in Sweden is further proof of this. During the week dedicated to sweet temptation when around half a million cakes are sold, a portion of the amount for each cake sold goes to charity.

At the end of the culinary tale in this episode, the winner received a special prize from IKEA - shopping vouchers, kitchen equipment for cooking and a wireless speaker to create an atmosphere in the cooking process.

After the episode aired, the client continued the impact of the product placement in an interesting way by pitching an IKEA cake stand to consumers, with a look featuring Princesstarta and the creative copy "This is Master Fun".

Client: IKEA Bulgaria

Advertising Agency: The Smarts

Media agency: Mindshare

Format: MasterChef 7

Period: Spring 2021