N-JOY Radio Listeners Travel With The Rhythm Of Summer In N-JOY Summer With Petrol

In Summer 2023, we once again built on our advertisers' successful performance during the hot season


The iconic and one-of-a-kind N-JOY Summer tour reaped another success this year. The N-JOY radio tour around Bulgaria was even more attractive for listeners and highly appreciated by our partners. It is a privilege for us that for the first time in this edition our friends from Petrol joined the campaign. They sponsored two weeks of N-JOY Summer in August.
During this collaboration our airwaves were filled with even more travel, emotions and giveaways. Each day we gave away a Petrol fuel voucher, and on Friday the prize was worth triple.

We announced them on air through promos, plugs and live inclusions from the N-JOY radio presenters. Each day we picked a winner by lottery.

The game ran on the radio's Facebook account with unprecedented success.

Every day we had a new post under which users answered a daily Petrol question.