Florian Skala’s path, on which the right decisions are easy and the personal example is irreplaceable

The Chief Executive Officer of bTV Media Group is on the cover of the new issue of Manager magazine


In the month in which bTV celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Chief Executive Officer of the media group Florian Skala speaks about his path in the TV industry for the first time in a conversation with Manager magazine’s team.

“His professional and life path goes through many lessons, meetings and events; through a lot of decisions, a lot of work done and a lot of first things. And for Manager’s team some things also happened for the first time in the preparation of this story - the first photo shoot conducted remotely through a Zoom video call because of the pandemic and the home office rules, and the first attempt to present the person on the cover through his own story about the important moments in life”, says the introduction to the cover story.


“For me, decisions and acts are either right or wrong. If they are right, then they cannot be difficult.”

“The most meaningful partnerships with advertisers are sustainable. They often require much more efforts, perseverance and patience but then the reward is even bigger. That’s why I feel privileged to work with the amazing team at bTV Media Group, which is not tempted by one-time or short-term wins, and is forward looking, dedicated to the long-lasting goals.”

“It’s important for me to give honest feedback, with arguments and examples, with a personal recognition. People should know exactly how their work is helping the company grow, and that the congratulations they get are not just protocol statements.”

“I finish working when it’s done, not when it’s a particular hour. The real art is to make the right decisions regardless whether you have already worked for 20 hours without interruption or it is 4 am in the morning”.


About the inspiration, the first steps, the attitude to results, the road to the right judgment, the power of the team, the challenges as part of the industry, the achievements of bTV Media Group in the last three years, the freedom of speech, independent journalism, and more – read in the new issue of Manager magazine.