An Exclusive Second Season of the Hit Digital Extension "Life Behind the Farm" is Coming

The amusing host Miron will once again take the audience “behind the curtains” of the popular show


In the upcoming season of "The Farm", the show will once again have its amazing digital extension. For the second year in a row, the series "Life Behind the Farm" will delight its online users.

Since its first broadcast in 2019, "Life Behind the Farm" has become the most successful digital extension produced by bTV Media Group.

The episodes with unconventional ideas and a humorous reading of a number of intransient topics by the host Miron reached a total of over 190,000 unique video views.

Particularly intriguing for the users were the shots "from the inside" of the reality show, the unaired materials from the Farm itself, as well as the fun and casual moments off-air by the hosts Ivan and Andrey.

This year, "Life Behind the Farm" will again be entrusted to Miron Krumov as its host. Miron, who is also main screenwriter of "The Farm" will surprise viewers with new online challenges and interesting moments.

"Life Behind the Farm" offers an exceptional opportunity for advertisers to expand and develop their presence in the reality show. The attractive series with its even more attractive host is also a separate platform for digital positioning of brands, and offers even more in combination with the specialized site of "The Farm" - and with other themed online assets of bTV Media Group.

Let's get ready for the new adventures of the extremely funny host Miron and the participants from "The Farm" in another  mesmerizing season of the online series "Life Behind the Farm".