Back To School With Radio N-JOY

Radio N-JOY continues to invest time and resources in supporting the musical future of the country


The first bell rang again and Radio N-JOY marked the beginning of the new school year with a spectacular edition of its traditional Back to School event. On September 17, music stars such as Polly Genova, Iskrata, Kristiana Asenova and Toshey, Simona Petrova - MONA, Ivan Radulovski, Vili Stoyanov and a musical formation from Velingrad, NICKA and Bon-Bon appeared on stage in Sofia’s South Park. "Back to School" is another event, part of the radio's strategy for long-term unconditional support for the development of Bulgaria's musical talents. From the constant interest in new artists and regular conversations with them on the airwaves of the radio network, through specific music campaigns, radio N-JOY continues to invest time and resources in supporting the musical future of the country.

Our loyal partners in entertainment were over 1000 children and their parents. They participated in various group and individual games, receiving great gifts from radio N-JOY and our partners from EMAG, Florina, CashCredit, Dragzone, Tandem. As the grand prize, we also gave a bicycle, beanbag chair анд dozens of gift sets. In addition, together with the charming Domenica from Radio N-JOY, the frontman on stage was Inspector N-JOY .

In addition то music and games with great prizes, this year the radio is also focusing on the safety of our children and organized a real radio fan meeting with patrolling police officers and firefighters. Everyone who wanted to was able to get into a real police car and take a picture with a patrol bike with the assistance of the officers from the General Directorate of the National Police. An entire fire truck was positioned on the Great Meadow in the South Park, together with a large team of firefighters from the General Directorate of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population, who taught young and old how to shoot at a target with a fire hose. Influenced by the frequent accidents and incidents on site, the firefighters and police officers also paid special attention to give the children valuable tips for their safety.

During the event, there was also an organized action of the largest national volunteer cleaning campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together". Each guest of the event could simultaneously express their empathy for the protection of the environment and welcome the new school year with hit music and games with prizes. Together, the "Let's clean Bulgaria together" campaign and the event by Radio N-JOY drew attention to personal responsibility and contribution in caring for the cleanliness of the planet, the future and the education of children.