bTV Media Group Launches A New Gaming Podcast With Many Opportunities For Advertisers

bTV Media Group continues to develop and invest in new digital content. The new project, which launchеd in February is the new podcast - "Two gamers and a half ", aimed specifically at e-sports and entertainment


The natural extension to our new Saturday show "Gamer" on bTV Action presents gaming as a serious industry in which more and more people dive.

The host of the digital adventure "Two gamers and a half " is the beloved face of bTV Natalie Trifonova, who will bring a fresh look to the male-dominated world of video gaming.

She will play the role of the other half of the famous "streamers" of video games and celebrities from e-sports and the Bulgarian gaming community.

Natalie's presence will mix the expert opinion of experienced men and that of a curious budding player, who will make the podcast topics interesting and understandable for those less familiar with electronic entertainment.

The podcast opens up a number of opportunities for advertisers, especially for product placement.

This is also facilitated by the set of the format, which consists of two parts - the traditional studio, where all interviews are conducted, and the "gaming den", which is professionally equipped with a powerful computer, VR sets, consoles and a large TV. There will be duels, demonstrations and fun reviews.

With this organization, the space provides many opportunities for integration. The presence of gaming technology allows passive branding through video, logos or other formats.

The different highlights of the content and the set provide new opportunities for long-term and exclusive partnerships.

 The presence we offer to advertisers includes two options - a one-month participation in February and a longer attendance until the beginning of summer.

 The main focus of both proposals is the possibility of special product placement in the new video content every week. The presence in the episode will be supported by sponsorship tags, which will complement the overall association of the brand with the broadcast across all platforms on which it airs.

Users can find the podcast at, the YouTube channel of bTV Media Group, the catch-up platform, as well as in the networks of Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple and Google.

For more details you can contact the team at the Digital Sales Department at, who will discuss personally each possibility.