bTV Media Group’s Radio Stations With Impressive April Results

Radio continues being an essential part of our daily lives


A number of international studies has shown an increase in radio consumption in the last few months. Radio continues to play an important role in the daily life of the modern individual, not only abroad but also in Bulgaria. This is shown in the latest study by the GARB agency , which proves an increase in radio consumption even during the pandemic. The data in the survey covers the period 13.03-13.04.2019 and 13.03-13.04.2020, and shows a clear growth in the number of unique radio listeners by 5%. Such an increase is observed in the age group 15-69, but also 15-25.. This means that radio is attracting more and more listeners and also new younger audiences.

The study also shows that the duration of listening per day increases by an average of 9%, with Radio N-Joy standing at the top positions of the charts for the most listened radio in the age categories 18 - 34, 15 - 25, 15 - 54 for the period. The radio, part of bTV Radio Group, once again ranks first in the listeners surveys. The study shows an increase to more than 2 hours and 30 minutes of radio listening per day. Even in an environment of increased information demand, Radio N-JOY improved its results compared to the same period last year and maintained its significant leadership advantage among active urban listeners.

The survey data shows an 11% increase in the average daily radio audience across the country, in the 15-69 age group. Radio continues to be one of the most preferred and accessible media for consumers. As a result of the emergency measures and work from home, radio listening at home has increased by 71% among the urban audience between the age of 25 and 54.

An interesting finding of the study is the change in the usual time listening segment. During the survey period, an extended prime time was observed from 7 am to 6 pm, with a high index of listeners seen during the entire prime time.

Radio is the only media that combines live moderation, favourite music and access to reliable information. In a state of emergency, the role of radio becomes even greater, as it is a reliable source of entertainment and supports alternative ways of social communication.

Study of GARB Audience Management Bulgaria Agency on assignment of ABRO for the period 13.03-13.04.2019 and 13.03-13.04.2020


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