bTV Opens The Spring Season With Its Latest Original Production - "Scars"

The week of the premieres in the spring primetime hits of the media starts on February 22 at 21:00. On the day after and at the same time, the premiere week continues with MasterChef’s 7th season in two separate episodes on Feb 23rd & 24th. “Home Makeover” begins on Feb 26th at 21:00, while the full first season of star-studded Sunny Beach will start airing from Feb 26th at 21:00. The big week finishes with a bang with the new season of “Bulgaria’s Got Talent” on Sunday, Feb 28th, at 20:00.


bTV will bet on the new Bulgarian TV series "Scars" for the opening of its spring TV season. The premiere of the original production, which promises to be a hit among Bulgarian series this spring, will be on February 22 at 21:00. In fourteen episodes, she will tell the story of two sisters separated by dreams, ambitions and love. Severe betrayal breeds a deep and lasting feud between them, which poisons their daughters and fatally puts them on the same path.

"Scars" is unique not only with its theme and plot, but also with the selection of actors. It brings together iconic faces such as Vera Yordanova, who is little known to Bulgarian viewers but has incredible international success and experience, Anastasia Lyutova - who conveys the magic of theater and multi-layered character in modern television, Iren Krivoshieva, who has not made appearances in Bulgaria outside the theater and Irina Atanasova - an actress who recently made her debut in Bulgaria. Next to them are names like Valentin Ganev, Stoyan Radev and Albena Koleva, who contributed significantly to the development of Bulgarian theater and cinema.

After the premiere of "Scars", the start of the spring season on bTV continues with the new 7th season of MasterChef Bulgaria on February 23 and 24 at 21:00, "Home Makeover" on February 26 at 21:00 and the entire first season of "Sunny Beach ”on February 27 at 21:00. The week of the big premieres will end on February 28 at 20:00 with the new season of "Bulgaria's Got Talent".

From February 23, every Tuesday and Wednesday, hobby chefs will present in MasterChef their understanding of food as a pleasure, through which the various national cuisines express themselves. Participants will touch foreign products and spices and together with the audience will discover new tastes and experiences. A kind of "guide" in this whole first-class delicious journey through the depths of different cultures, peoples and geographical regions will be the dishes from destinations such as Sweden, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Mexico and others.

Under the motto "We are opening the door to opportunities", the new episodes of "Home Makeover" will air on bTV on February 25 at 21:00. The one-of-a-kind show in Bulgaria will include a galaxy of favorite Bulgarian stars who will roll up their sleeves along with the charming Maria Sylvester and the tireless brigade of Vladi Karadzhov. Among them are journalist Georgi Toshev, producer Andrey Arnaudov, singer Maria Ilieva, the duo Pavel and Venci Venc and many others. The fifth season of the favorite TV project of young and old, which changed the fate of more than 62 families and restored the sparkle in the eyes of over 160 children so far, once again promises to make dreams come true and bring back smiles - both participants and everyone in front of the screen.

The unique fresh romantic comedy "Sunny Beach" will once again entertain bTV viewers. From February 26, every Friday at 9 pm, the story of Gomez, Yvonne, Mladen and Darina will gather fans of the series in front of the small screen. The story will start from the very beginning, to reach not its end, but to answer many questions from the past of the characters and to get entangled again at the end of the first season… And in what direction will life take Gomez, Yvonne, Mladen and Darina will become clear in season 2 of the series, which will soon start shooting.

The favorite family show for talents on bTV - "Bulgaria's Got Talent" starts on Sunday, February 28, at 20:00, and in its first episode on stage will be impressive talents from different parts of Bulgaria and the world - from Gabrovo to Guinea, from Bourgas to Brazil, from Plovdiv to Israel and from all kinds of places. The team of the show says that one of the participants will present a number that will turn the notions of the limit of human capabilities and will make the impossible real in front of the demanding jury, and another of them will leave "mouth agape" not just anyone, but Itzo Hazarta.

The emblematic jury - the wonderful Slavena Vatova, the charming Katerina Evro, the uncompromising Itso Hazarta and the critical Lyuben Dilov-son promise to be still infallible in their judgments and can't wait to press their Golden Buzzers. The hosts Sasho Kadiev and Dani Petkanov are ready to entertain everyone again, both in the hall and in front of the screen. Behind the scenes of the show, to the delight of its most ardent fans, the charming Kris Zahariev is now ready with the digital segment "More from Bulgaria's Got Talent" (at:

"Bulgaria's Got Talent" can also boast of an official youtube channel, which in just a few days has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views of cult moments from the show so far. You can follow it here.