bTV Plus Launches A Completely Revamped Design With More Content

Web content development is of paramount importance to the company


bTV Media Group continues to invest and build on its digital presence. In focus this Spring is, bTV Media Group's catch-up video platform, which continues to become an increasingly interesting place for users.

In February 2023, got a complete redesign and added features. In addition, will be enriched with new video content created specifically for the platform.

The new changes allow users to find all the video information they need in one place. In this way, the on-air episodes and videos from the digital series will be positioned together in the respective category on

The effort put into the new design of allows it to be extremely intuitive, allowing users to reach the desired content quickly and more easily. 

Through the special proposals of the Digital Sales Department, bTV Plus enables every advertiser to keep the attention of viewers, reach a high number of unique users and build a successful communication strategy to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns in an online environment.