Bulgaria's Got Talent Returns the Fall of 2019 with Distinctive and Attractive Jury

Itso Hazarta and Slavena Vatova will judge the unique skills of the hundreds of talents auditioning


The hit rapper Itso Hazarta will be in the jury of the new season of "Bulgaria's Got Talent" on bTV. For the second time, he will comment on and judge the unique qualities of the hundreds of talents who will go on the biggest show stage in the country. The author of the album "Incorrect Rap", which rocked music lovers in May, will stick to his authentic urban, critical and modern look at the rich palette of human abilities. The "modern poet" will use his excellent arsenal of humor and satire to please and excite the viewers of bTV with his reading of the unseen talents of the contenders for the grand prize of 50,000 leva.

"I thought about what was harder - to judge or to be judged. But I am very optimistic about what we and the audience will see, because this season will be different," he said. "There are talents I never even imagined could exist. It is easy to judge when you see something original, presented with confidence. It's very difficult when the matter concerns highly ambitious parents who want to see their children on the air and encourage them in activities where they aren't that good. It's hard, because then you're in a position to talk to the child, and you have to talk to the parent. "

Miss Bulgaria 2006, Slavena Vatova, will also join the jury in the autumn season of "Bulgaria's Got Talent". The exquisite lady with an affinity for sports and cuisine will encourage and analyze the contenders for the grand prize of 50,000 leva, according to the impressive skills they will present on the stage of the show. "I am very excited because it is a challenge that I start with a great deal of desire and sense of responsibility. Because we know we're going to meet people who have diverse talents, a colorful palette of gifts," she said in "This morning."

"Talent is not just a gift, but a gift you have worked on, focusing your efforts and time on it," said Slavena Vatova. She promised she would not be the toughest member of the jury, but she would try to find the beauty in every talent. "There has to be imagination, desire and for us to see that effort has been put. I will look for people who are determined, have put a lot of perseverance and character in turning their talents into their profession and way of life," she added. "I am very much energized that I will meet with such people and I will do my best to be objective in my judgement of them."

Slavena stressed that she is sure that for the gifted contestants, the show will be a great experience, because they will feel the positive and warm atmosphere created by the incredible team.

The announcement of the other two jury members of one of the top productions of the bTV Media Group is coming soon.

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