Halloween: Trick Or Treat On Radio N-JOY

A themed radio game allows for brand placement in an unconventional and fun way


A fun game on N-JOY radio awaits Halloween fans. With the onset of autumn, we begin to feel a slight tickle in the stomach from the upcoming carnival party, which awaits us at the end of October. On this occasion, this year Radio N-JOY decided to give its listeners the opportunity to get actively involved and win exciting prizes from a themed game on the radio.

To participate in the game, listeners must register on the radio's website and answer a question about the Halloween secret code they heard on N-JOY radio. The game involves the inclusion of sponsors who would like to position their product or service in a non-traditional and fun way. Within a week, the message of the sponsor brand will be heard on the radio. The hosts will invite the listeners to hear the secret Halloween password and to choose from the radio's website what the verbal code for the day is. Participation in the game will require registration on the site, where news about it will be published with information about the sponsor.

Everyone who took part in the themed game took part in the draw for the sponsorship prizes. Find out the mischief or treat will be chosen by the listeners of radio N-JOY by joining our thematic offer. For more information contact the Sales Department of bTV Radio Group at sales@btvradiogroup.bg.