High-quality Content Is Key To Building Successful Brands

Of the development of the advertising and marketing market, trends, proven practices and the potential of the communication industry – speaks the Sales Director of the leading media group for the special edition KMarketing Factbook 2022


We observe an impressive five-year growth trend of the advertising market in Bulgaria despite the challenges of the difficult pandemic period. "In 2021 alone, the Bulgarian advertising market saw serious double-digit growth and exceeded the expectations for a stable recovery. This clearly signals the trust of Bulgarian advertisers in our services and the power of these solutions in imposing a variety of marketing strategies." With these words, Dessislava Proeva, Sales Director at bTV Media Group, begins her strategic analysis of the state of the media market in Bulgaria. 

The biggest drivers of the growth rate remain digital media and television. High-quality TV content is the undisputed leading destination for building successful and sustainable brands, supporting the success, effectiveness and measurability of various b2b and b2c initiatives. It is no coincidence that it controls more than half of the investments in advertising in our country. This year, companies chose to emphasize and prioritize higher-value, higher-priced products and services, and generally pass on the increase in production costs to end users. "In this context, the solutions we offer enjoy sustainable demand given their power in brand building." 

bTV Media Group's focus is where the consumers are - compelling radio, TV and digital content that builds a strong, emotional connection with people, more entertainment for viewers of all ages, proven titles and a variety of formats, a reliable information environment and touching stories that shape the appearance of the cultural and social environment in Bulgaria. 

"We are preparing truly comprehensive content in various genres. We are creating and telling powerful stories that will continue to draw and provoke modern society and will continue to successfully connect brands with our impressive audience," says Dessislava Proeva about the upcoming 2023. 

Investing during interesting times is a powerful way to tap into the potential of opportunities. In the style of Oscar Wilde and the eternal theme of temptation and the need to give in to it, ensuring brand sustainability has no different strategic interpretation. Successful companies have convinced themselves of exactly this in the last few years. The expectation is that they will continue to maintain or expand their media presence to protect prices and impose new, adapted brands.

"The last two years have given us the opportunity to make sure that it is advertising, visibility and image presence that ensure business sustainability, a wider consumer base, a more stable and defensible price. Consumer habits are being restored to their pre-pandemic levels against the backdrop of sharply decreasing unemployment rates. The needs are not decreasing, but changing or increasing," adds Proeva. 

Investments to upgrade or protect market share will continue so that businesses can benefit from the sustainable consumption, and to avoid falling back into the situation post the pandemic 2020 situation. Then thousands of companies around the world took the extreme, difficult but expected decision to put their business and operations on hold and, by virtue of the momentary compromise, they resigned themselves to the potential loss of market share, giving advantage to competing brands. It was no accident that this was a decision that the market quickly reconsidered.

Augment This

In the era of technology, the metaverse, video expression and the innovation-driven modern world, the ability to ensure a brand presence in a technologically prepared and secure environment that stands side by side with the progress of the industry is a proven advantage. "Quality content in all its forms is a definite center of attention - not only for the viewer, but also for us and for advertisers, clearly highlighting our investments in technology and a variety of means of expression that make the screen experience as full as possible", notes Proeva . Regardless of economic or social challenges, the importance of a proven partner with time-tested relationships and an effective communication environment will continue to be top priority in media-agency relations.

"United by TV, radio and digital experts, our team successfully demonstrates opportunities for brand presence that go beyond the standard and implement bold solutions that often no one has taken before. It is the non-standard and individual approach in the multi-platform and emotional world of content that works the strongest when it comes to capturing what is most valuable - the attention of the audience." 

Augmented reality with shapes that come to life before the viewer's eyes, 360-degree digital experiences and exclusive content - bTV Media Group creates powerful storytelling that provokes many conversations and goes beyond format, technology and platform.

bTV Media Group as part of the family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and the international company PPF Group continues to show commitment to important social causes and partnerships that seek to improve and facilitate people's lives. The company's socially responsible mission is to support and initiate projects that develop civil society and are based on shared ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards as part of sustainable and responsible investing. Already last year, bTV Media Group joined media industry leaders in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. "Leading prime-time titles are the first three television programs in our country certified by albert - the organization that has been supporting the environmental sustainability of the television and film industry for more than 10 years, in cooperation with BAFTA. Part of PPF Group's strategy regarding the development of bTV Media Group is to continue to create new opportunities for our partners by enriching communication solutions for sustainable business.