Inspector N-Joy Gencho Genchev: Bulgaria is a unique place despite "the concrete"

The National tour “N-JOY Summer was extended with one more month, and the unforgettable voice from the radio air – Gencho Genchev talks about the cause of the campaign in an interview with “Momichetata ot grada”


The annual national tour “N-JOY Summer” will continue through August as well. This year the campaign is dedicated to supporting Bulgarian tourism, for which N-JOY joins together with its partners to back one of the most seriously affected sectors in the country. During the tour the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy one amazing different summer.

In his interview with Dimitrina Ivanova from “Momichetata ot grada” Gencho shares what feels different about the radio tour, and why getting to know Bulgaria’s various corners is important.

This year our N-JOY Summer campaign truly is different. We believe we have to support the great Bulgarian destinations. The tourism in Bulgaria is still quite low, much like the year itself. The good news with all of this is the significant uplift in weekend tourism and that certain people discover, while others rediscover Bulgaria. That is why we hope our campaign will reach the most essential places – the homes and minds of people, and will make them listen. Because Bulgaria is a unique place, despite the concrete.

Part of the messages that Gencho and the N-Joy radio air want to focus on is that:

“Bulgaria is our place. In addition to the sea, we have the mountain, the valley, the river… Each day we discover amazing hotels, guest houses, itineraries, trails. As much as we might think we know about our country, each day we come across new gems.”

The campaign chooses to support the good examples in the Bulgarian tourism sector, as well as the people who have chosen to stay and be involved with working in it – those are the people who help travelers make the most of the memories from their trips.

We miss the live contact with tourists and employees. But this is why we called the campaign “a different summer”. After almost an full month we decided to extend the tour and that way we will have the opportunity to travel throughout the entire August.

Which are Gencho’s  most favorite places  in Bulgaria , as well as his  full interview you can find here.