"Life Based On A True Story" Is The New Talk Show On The Air Of bTV With Host Alexandra Sarchadzhieva

Ivo Arakov hosts the "Top 10" segment in the show, which began on October 8 at 17:00


"Life based on a true story" is the latest talk show that began on October 8 on bTV. It will offer viewers a rich palette of columns that will reveal the extraordinary human stories of ordinary people and popular ones. The main host of the show, which will be broadcast every Saturday from 17:00 to 19:00, is Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, whose fate has also always brought her surprises.

The mission of the new talk show is to inspire courage and show that every problem has a solution. Through the stories of her guests, Alexandra will inspire strength and confidence in the viewers to believe that hardships actually prepare us for an extraordinary destiny. They will be joined by specialists while searching for the right solutions and a way out of difficult situations.

In addition to ordinary people, every edition of "Life based on a true story" will also meet viewers with a famous person in a frank confession to Alex about a life difficulty that he or she successfully passed through. How they overcame the most dramatic moments in their lives, what lessons they learned and how they moved on - the answers begin from October 8 (Saturday), every Saturday at 17:00 on bTV. 

In addition to spiritual transformations, "Life based on a true story" aims to carry out external transformations as well. In the "My New Me" segment, the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Antonio will change the destinies of ordinary people who have always experienced insecurities about their appearance. Anyone who has suffered physical trauma, received permanent scars as a result of an experience, or simply suffers from aesthetic deformities can fill out an entry form on the show's website.

The charismatic Ivo Arakov will also be part of the new broadcast on bTV with the notable "Top 10" segment. Every week, the team of the show will choose a current topic from everyday life in Bulgaria to rank in 10 positions famous people or events with a lot of humor and cheerful comments.

The producer of "Life based on a true story" is Radost Draganova, who has produced successful shows such as "Marmalade", "Modern" and "Mirrors".