New Attractive Digital Advertising Forms on the Platforms of bTV Media Group

Unobtrusive banner options with better user experience are now available on desktop and mobile devices


As part of the international media company CME, and as a leading media on the Bulgarian market, bTV Media Group has the advantage of being the first to introduce global trends at the local level.

With each technology enhancement we introduce, we enable brands to capture and engage the attention of their target audiences.

The new mobile formats that we offer are as follows:

Sticky Scroll - Exclusive for mobile and tablet devices only, this format is located at the top of the display.

Mobile Pull - A banner in an interactive mobile format that engages users ever since they enter the specific page, therefore achieves a very good CTR.

Along with the mobile formats, we have enriched our portfolio of desktop positions:

Flipped Scroll - A format that allows the use of two creative visualizations in the same position. This enriches the client's campaign and positions them in a new and interesting way.

Sticky 300x250 - A format that tracks the user and engages them while consuming content. Like the Flipped Scroll, it initially looks static, but when the user scrolls, it automatically moves to the bottom right corner of the page, shrinking to half-size. The format has a high viewable rate, making it suitable for any campaign.

Cuboid - A different and interesting banner format. It rotates sideways, with each creative rotation being a new creative visualization appears. This highly dynamic format shows up to 6 unique visualizations, stimulating more user interaction.

Video Takeover – A hybrid format with display and video elements. It is a highly comprehensive position that cannot be left unnoticed by consumers. The combination of the two types of branding allows advertisers a premium positioning with extremely high CTR and great visibility.

bTV Media Group remains at your disposal to provide advertisers and partners with the opportunity for visible and effective placement across all platforms of the group.


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