New Celebrity Addition To The bSTARS Platform

bTV Media Group expands its portfolio of beloved personalities


Beginning from Spring of 2022, Alexandra Zhekova, the best snowboarder in Bulgaria, is becoming part of the stellar portfolio of the bSTARS platform.

bSTARS enables brands to partner with the audience’s favorite faces through participation in events, television and digital advertising campaigns, influencer collaborations, and other communication channels. Working together with the media contributes to the success of our partners and the achievement of their goals.

That is why it is a great pleasure for us to present the new star in the sky of bSTARS. Alexandra Zhekova is remarkable not only for her numerous achievements in the world of sports, but also as a strong woman, passing on her experience to young sports hopefuls, a caring mother and a person who inspires the people around her.

With a lot of work she has achieved amazing success, which makes her proud of Bulgaria, and now she is dedicated to helping other people discover their personal potential.

Prospects for collaboration with such an influential and developed person as Alexandra are suitable for various areas of business. Some of them are: sports, sustainability and care for the environment, outdoor activities, education, travel, art, physical activity from an early age, fashion and beauty. Alexandra combines and successfully balances all these themes through her healthy lifestyle.

The aspiration and strength that Alexandra has are extremely valuable qualities in any partnership, and this guarantees success and endless horizons before us.