How to engage bTV faces as ambassadors of your brands

bSTARS ties brands with celebrity endorsement from the family of bTV Media Group


bTV Media Group is launching its new commercial brand bSTARS, which brings together all the faces in the stellar portfolio of the media group. The concept is centered on providing creative solutions for tying brands to the popular faces, naturally combining their public image, interests, hobbies and skills with the specifics of the client and its brand.

In the last nine months alone, bTV Media Group has implemented over 40 projects with its partners who have trusted their brands to members of the bTV Media Group family, so as to implement projects in the TV  and digital environment, OOH advertising, influencer campaigns, corporate events and more.

The rich experience of our faces with long-time presence in platforms with very wide reach reaffirms their positive image and the undoubted trust of the audience. These advantages, combined with their quick reactions, multifaceted skills and broad knowledge, have established them as opinion leaders. This makes the partnership with them positive, elegant, interesting and different.

Utilizing bTV Media Group multi-platform resources, bSTARS offers one-stop-shop solutions featuring a popular face across vivid communication channels that integrate the brand in an organic, captivating manner so as to reach the widest possible audience and also build strong recognition among users.


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