"Pasión De Gavilanes" Returns With A Sequel - From 17 August At 22:00 Premiere On bTV Lady

The iconic telenovela "Pasión de gavilanes", which conquered the world and conquered the Bulgarian television airwaves 20 years ago, returns with a premiere second season on bTV Lady. Viewers will be able to follow the long-awaited sequel from 17 August (Thursday), every weekday evening at 22:00 on the family channel


The new episodes take us 20 years after the events that happened at the end of season one, when the three Reyes brothers lived happily with the three Elizondo sisters. In the sequel, fans of "Pasión de gavilanes" will be able to follow what happens to their favorite characters, and a crime will shake the characters' families to the core. 

Over the years, the love between Norma (Dana Garcia) and Juan (Mario Cimaro) has grown even stronger and more searing. The two live in complete harmony and raise their three sons, the elder Juan David and twins Eric and Leon. The main plot of the new season is again built on a crime committed under mysterious circumstances, for which it is the twins Eric and Leon who are arrested. 

They are accused of the murder of Professor Henaro Carreño, a professor with a questionable reputation who is rumored to have abused his students. All the evidence points to Eric and Leon being guilty of the fatal crime, and Norma and Juan's idyll turns into a real nightmare. Things heat up even more with the return of iconic singer Rosario Montes, who reopens the Alcala Bar and falls for the considerably younger Juan David (Norma and Juan's older son).

Although they have no heirs, Jimena and Oscar have become proven names in the fashion industry and present collections in Milan. Jimena is a successful designer and her husband is her partner in the business venture. However, Oscar has a sin against his beloved - in the past he had an extramarital affair with Romina, who bore him a son, Duvan. Oscar deeply regrets his dalliance, which could cost him his marriage and happiness, and the ambitions of the overbearing Romina promise to make his and Jimena's life a living hell.

Also a mystery in the new season is the fate of youngest brother Franco Reyes. Sarah is devastated after his sudden departure without any explanation, and raises their two children, Gabby and Andres, alone. For many years she believed that Franco had left her because of his love for singer Rosario Montes, but she never even suspected that he had actually ended up in prison.

In the new episodes, fans of "Three Brothers, Three Sisters" will once again enjoy the acting of their favorite actors - Dana Garcia, Mario Simarro, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klaus and Michel Brown - who reunite nearly 20 years later to realize the long-awaited sequel. They will be joined by fresh new additions. The second season of the iconic telenovela became a true sensation in the US during its airing in 2022 and deservedly landed on the Netflix streaming platform's most-liked titles list for the past year.

Don't miss the start of the second premiere season of the iconic telenovela "Three Brothers, Three Sisters" - starting August 17, every weeknight at 10 p.m. only on bTV Lady!