Radio N-JOY with a Series of Music Videos to Support Young Talents

The biggest music radio chain in the country* filmed a series of videos supporting the cause of restoring the National Student House


Radio N-JOY released a series of music videos featuring the 12 finalists from The Voice of Bulgaria against the background of the dilapidated halls, part of the National Student House. The videos are part of the radio segment Sing, My Heart and aim to focus public attention on the campaign to restore the burnt down stages of the house and to resume the creative activity there.

The National Student House was built in 1933, and since 1997 it has been an architectural monument of culture of local importance. For years, the place has been a platform for showcasing students and young talents, and the development of their creative skills through various types of art. Eighteen years ago fire destroyed part of the building, and to this day, the halls and the burnt down stages are left forgotten and unused.

The music videos filmed by Radio N-JOY, part of bTV Media Group, are consolidating the group's position as a socially responsible media. The project puts two causes in its focus. It raises awareness of the state of the iconic building of the Student House and is giving young talents the opportunity to show their potential through the air and the platforms of the country's largest musical radio chain.

The premises of the National Student House became the stage where the 12 finalists of the television format played the iconic hits of their coaches.

The land on which the National Student House was built was donated to the students by Tsar Boris III and the place has a huge symbolic meaning. Making their first steps and performances in it were artists such as: opera singer Nikola Gyuzelev, playwright and director Lyuben Groys, actor and composer Stefan Valdobrev, guitarist and violinist Ivan Lechev, theatre and cinema actor Marius Kurkinski, pop singer Kichka Bodurova and many others. For years, the place had been a platform for showcasing students and young talents, and a place where to develop their creative skills through various types of art.

*According to data by the GARB people-metric agency for March 2019, for bTV Radio in the 15-69 age category in Sofia


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