Ten Celebrities Face Ten Warriors In The New Season Of Survivor

Five men and five women will form the "Famous" tribe in the biggest reality show on bTV this Spring


"Survivor" - the original format in the adventure reality genre, is back on bTV with an impressive cast, unprecedented games and trials, and a whole new production model. The upcoming seventh season of "Survivor" will not only trigger the survival instinct of the players, but will offer new emotions to the fans who will experience the adventure at the same time as the participants.

Among the popular faces in Survivor 7 will be football player Blagoy Georgiev, culinary guru Bojana Katsarova, singer Tatiana and vlogger Stefan Popov - Chefo. MMA fighter Georgi Valentinov, actress Snezhana Makaveeva, her colleague Filip Bukov, as well as other familiar faces - athlete and model Ivan Bulkin, model Margo Cooper and influencer Stefanie Rassolkov will also be fighting for survival in the exotic reality show. All of them will be part of the "Famous" tribe, and they will be confronted by the "Warriors" tribe - men and women with outstanding qualities and achievements in different spheres of life. Among them are a broker, a gemologist, a tour guide, a student, a lawyer and others.

As soon as they find themselves near the warmest waters on the planet - those of the Caribbean Sea, the Survivors will face the whims of time, experience severe hardships, engage in a series of epic battles and make complex alliances. In order to reach the finals and win the title of "The Last Survivor" in the multiplayer game, they will have to show complex qualities - resilient mentality, physical strength, resourcefulness, communication and strategic thinking.

The new season of Survivor will also engage the fans of the exotic reality show in an incomparably powerful way. The seventh season of the extreme adventure will be implemented on a new model, which for the first time will allow viewers to actively participate in the unfolding of events, as only they will determine which participant will move forward each week, as well as the big winner at the end of the season.