The 2022 Season Of "The Voice of Bulgaria" Begins On September 4 At 20:00 on bTV

Enticing voices, funny challenges and new strategies for coaches and participants promise great emotions for everyone in front of the screens in the ninth season of the show


The new season of bTV’s music show - "The Voice of Bulgaria" is coming back on the air on September 4, Sunday, at 20:00. This Fall, exceptional new participants will appear on the star stage of the show to compete for the grand prize of BGN 50,000 and the title "The Voice of Bulgaria". On the way to victory, they will be accompanied by the glamorous coaches in the ninth season - Galena, DARA, Lyubo Kirov and Ivan Lechev, who will be faced with many new, funny and highly emotional challenges. This Fall, each of the four mentors enters the show even more enthusiastic, prepared and confident that he or she will lead the new "Voice of Bulgaria" to the finals. To the delight of everyone in front of the screens, each of them will surprise with a new strategy, and which of them will turn out to be profitable and who will show the greatest cunning, resourcefulness, agility and wisdom will become clear very soon.

"I will do everything in my power to win in the new season!", declared one of the most successful and beloved Bulgarian voices - Lubo Kirov, shortly before the start. Young pop idol DARA believes that "All efforts are worth it when you fight to win".

"The feeling of victory is well known to me and I can't wait for the show to start", shares his emotions Master Ivan Lechev, who has already made his mark in the world history of the music show as one of the most successful coaches with as many as three winners from his teams so far.

In the last season, however, the victory went to the team of Galena, which successfully led the talented Petya Paneva to the final. "I hold the key to success and I don't plan to give it to anyone else! Get ready for a real, stellar show with the new season of "The Voice of Bulgaria", promises Galena, who is ready for the most unexpected moves to keep the victory in her team.

The host of the new season of "The Voice of Bulgaria" will once again be the blue-eyed musician Ivan Tishev. Not only will the excited participants rely on him for valuable advice and support, but also the new digital host of the "Voice Behind the Scenes" column - the charming Preya. Every week on  she will reveal details from the backstage of the show especially for the most curious and loyal fans.

On the threshold of the new season, "The Voice of Bulgaria" has another reason to be proud. The music show of bTV is the first television production in our country, which is executed in accordance with the so-called "green practices" of Green Filming with care for the environment and efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The show is officially certified by ALBERT - the organization that has been supporting the environmental sustainability of the television and film industry for more than 10 years in collaboration with BAFTA - British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

The team of the show "warns" that in its ninth season there will be much more than the usual - laughter, great emotions, excellent mood, surprises and the most unexpected twists during all its stages and remind the viewers to be ready for a a truly world-class music show.

Watch "The Voice of Bulgaria" from September 4 every Sunday at 20:00 on bTV, and follow all news about the show at on the show's YouTube channel and its social networks.