The Air Of bTV Radio Enriched With Journalist Nadezhda Vasileva

Nadezhda has close to 20 years of experience in the media, having covered some of the most significant political events in Bulgaria, tensions in the Middle East and exciting topics from political and social life in Japan


The team of the music and information station bTV Radio has been enriched with the addition of  journalist Nadezhda Vasileva. Since the beginning of November, the host made her radio debut on the air, as part of the program "The Important, Said Out Loud".

The new host of bTV Radio has almost 20 years of experience in the media, having been part of the news team of several television stations. Nadezhda Vasileva is an experienced political journalist, having covered the work of a number of parliaments, all types of elections and most of the important political events in the country.

  "I am excited to be joining a team of such outstanding professionals. I thank my colleagues for their trust and I hope that with my many years of experience, I will contribute to the creation of even richer and engaging content for the audience, building on the program of bTV Radio", said Nadezhda. With the established hosts of the media - Lili Angelova, Georgi Mitov and Svetoslav Nikolov, she will present the most interesting and current events in the program "About the city" on bTV Radio.

Nadezhda Vasileva participated in a program at the US State Department. She has several specializations for political reporters at the European Association of Public Media CIRCOM, in partnership with the European Parliament. It reflected the cases of the escalation of tensions in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Her documentary film on the subject - "Alphabet of Sadness", of which she is not only the author but also the camera operator, won the grand prize at the Balfest festival. She is among the journalists who covered the visits of Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis to Bulgaria.

After a series of reports from Japan, Nadezhda Vasileva received a special invitation to participate in a program of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, in the framework of which she met with key figures from the political circles and public life in the country, such as the former Emperor Akihito and his son Naruhito, who years ago took power, as with the late former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Although a recent addition in the editorial office of the news radio, Nadezhda has already managed to do a series of intriguing interviews, including with Nobel Prize nominee Georgi Gospodinov.

In recent years, Nadezhda specialized in digital marketing and completed a series of courses and trainings for professional work with social networks. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". As one of the biggest challenges outside of work, the journalist identifies the Camino de Santiago. Nadezhda walks nearly 900 kilometers along the famous road in Spain to Santiago de Compostela.