The Charming Aylin Bobeva Immerses Us In A Boutique Culinary Experience In A New Series On Soul&PepperTV

The episodes with one of the contestants in the top reality show "The Bachelor" present the capital's finest restaurants and their signature recipes


Going to a restaurant is an integral part of urban culture. Whether it is a place to see friends, to briefly escape from everyday life, to celebrate a special occasion, to go on a first date or a little trip - the occasion doesn’t really matter. We all go there for the experience. But is it just the food? The answer has long been a resounding 'No'.

What are the components that make our restaurant visit restaurant into a perfect experience? We are looking for an answer to this question together with Aylin Bobeva - one of the most memorable contestants in the reality TV show "The Bachelor", who quickly became an favorite of the audience in front of the small and even smaller screens, namely on TV and across social networks.

As a typical representative of the young generation, Aylin lives and consumes first with her eyes - through the social networks. But if in photos that have gone through filters and additional processing everything can be misleading - on the spot we can always see what the reality is. That's why Aylin will go on a kind of research mission via Instagram to "live life", where she will see if reality is more savoury than the food for the eyes.

Check out the new series “Beauty and the feast” at the end of August on Soul&PepperTV.