The Clash Of Two Worlds In The New Bulgarian Series Of bTV - "I’ll Be Fine"

The impressive production will be part of the Spring television program, offering various opportunities for impactful integrations and reinforcement of the communication design


This Spring bTV will broadcast the latest series in its portfolio - "I'll Be Fine", whose shooting has already begun. The joint project of the television and "Intermediate Station" is intended for prime time and is another proof of the media's desire to always offer its viewers quality and diverse content. The series features stars of Bulgarian television cinema and theater, and undisputed favorites of the audience. Each of them will surprise with a role in which he has never been seen before. Rushen Vidinliev, Vessela Babinova, Daria Simeonova, Ivan Yurukov, Deyan Angelov, Irina Miteva, Lyubomira Basheva, Vladimir Lyutskanov and others will take part in the latest production.

With "I'll Be Fine" bTV opens a new page in the history of the series. The latest production of the media focuses on the problems, emotions and issues of modern man, presenting them in a unique way - through a masterful combination of humor and drama, exciting stories and strong and full-blooded characters which everyone can relate to.

"At the heart of the story is the clash of two worlds - that of ordinary people dealing with their daily problems that limit their ability to develop, and that of people with material opportunities, who often find themselves trapped in the passions through which they compensate their personal and spiritual shortcomings. "I'll Be Fine" is a high-quality and modern series, through which bTV once again proves that it is a major driver in the development of this important genre. The series will entice with the incredible game of unique Bulgarian actors, some of whom are touring on the small screen for the first time. Their participation, combined with the uncompromising quality of the production, are a guarantee for the success of the series and for the good mood of the huge audience of bTV ", commented Hristo Hadjitanev, Programming Director at bTV Media Group.

"I'll Be Fine" tells the audience the story of an extraordinary divorced woman who always seeks justice and manages to stand with her head held high, despite the problems that constantly haunt her. Her pursuit of justice leads her into frequent conflicts with the outside world, which will change with the appearance of a new man in her life - the complete opposite of all her principles and expectations. Fresh, modern and authentic "I'll Be Fine" promises to attract the whole family with the current topics, problems and solutions that the characters in the series face.

Through its solid storyline and real-life relatable situations, bTV Media Group’s new series represent a favourable advertising environment, which offers brands an even more thoroughly designed communication campaign with added value. It will complement the rest of the memorable titles and high-quality local productions of bMG, which are consistently distinguished as the most desired tribune for brand integrations and impactful brand identity empowerment.

Over the last years, bTV Media Group has stood out as the leader in broadcasting quality productions, which set the standard for content and visual representation through exciting storylines and starring some of the most popular and talented actors from the contemporary scene. By combining the latest technological solutions with the creative variety of integration options, bTV’s new production presents a framework for an even more successful and memorable brand placement in an environment with a highly engaged audience attention.

The producer of the new series "I'll Be Fine" is bTV, and the executive producer is "Medium Station". The series is licensed by Telewizja Polska S.A., and the script is an adaptation of the hit Polish series "O Mnie Sie Nie Martw", which has also become part of the Netflix platform.

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