The Digital Extension Of "The Farm" Comes With New Concept And More Advertising Opportunities

The upcoming ninth season of "The Farm" this fall will offer a new and different take on its digital extension


In four consecutive seasons of "The Farm", the online feature "Life Behind the Farm" continues to be the most successful digital extension produced by bTV Media Group. Its main weapon is fresh and original content with offbeat ideas and host Miron's humorous take on a range of timeless topics. Particularly intriguing for viewers proved to be the footage "from the kitchen" of the reality show, the unaired material from the Farm itself, and especially the funny and casual off-air moments of the hosts Ivan and Andrei.

This season, Life Behind the Farm will have two episodes per week, or 28 episodes in total.

We will continue to follow the successful formula, namely:

- Unaired footage from the Farm itself with Miron's entertaining commentary

- Off-air footage with the hosts Ivan and Andrei - their casual conversations, bloopers and funny moments "behind the scenes" of the reality show

- Exclusive footage of life behind the Farm - duel preparations, building sets, trying out games, duelists' banter, on-set conversations with the hosts, crew and contestants

- Feedback from viewers who ask their questions to Miron

Given the new concept of "The Farm" 9 - with fundamental changes to the rules, mechanics and broadcast scheme, the digital extension will also undergo an evolution.

The first digital episode will feature the most interesting things that happened on the field but didn't air. We'll be looking for clash everywhere from comedy to sports confrontation and will always present two opposing viewpoints.

The second digital episode will feature a recap of the week with everything that happened behind the Farm’s walls but was left off air. Miron will always be looking for two different perspectives on the events and characters of the season.

There are surprises in store - lots of contrasts, unexpected moments, and something completely new for the digital extensions - Miron may partner up with a guest star from a previous season of “The Farm”, or one of the already dropped contestants.