The Dominican Republic Becomes Arena Of The Fierce Battle Of Survivor 7, Which For The First Time In The History Of The Show In Bulgaria Will Last 90 Days

Ten determined warriors will face off against the 'Famous' tribe in the bTV adventure reality show


An island country with endless beaches, impressive mountains and spectacular waterfalls, but also destructive tropical storms and wild animals, will welcome the contestants of the new season of "Survivor" - the original in the adventure reality genre, which returns soon on bTV. The contenders for the title of "The Last Survivor" and the grand prize of 100 000 BGN will head to the Dominican Republic to face isolation, loneliness and their greatest fears, to show their strength of will and spirit, and to surpass themselves. Filming among the exotic scenery will last longer than ever - 90 days, and the seventh season will become the longest ever broadcast in Bulgaria.

We already introduced the “Famous” tribe – among the popular faces in Survivor 7 will be football player Blagoy Georgiev, culinary guru Bojana Katsarova, singer Tatiana and vlogger Stefan Popov - Chefo. MMA fighter Georgi Valentinov, actress Snezhana Makaveeva, her colleague Filip Bukov, as well as other familiar faces - athlete and model Ivan Bulkin, model Margo Cooper and influencer Stefanie Razsolkov will also be fighting for survival in the exotic reality show.

The ten celebrities, who will be part of the "Famous" tribe, will face off against 10 more participants, united under the name "Warriors". From the men these are the football player Tsvetelin Stavrev, the broker Pavel Zdravkov, the gemologist Svetoslav Slavchev, the fashion designer Edis Pala and the lawyer Krum Tsonev, while from the women - the influencer Maria Obreykova, the account manager Elina Panayotova, the artist Zlatomira Oprova, the tour guide Genoveva Ivanova and the student Ermina Boyanova.

In the Caribbean, all the survivors will embark on unprecedented games and face severe physical and mental challenges. Once in the adventure, they will have to build complex strategies and make unexpected and often risky, moves to move towards victory. 

The upcoming seventh season of Survivor will not only fulfill the reality heroes' dream of diving into the unknown, but will also bring new, powerful emotions to the fans who will experience the adventure at the same time as the contestants. The show will be implemented on a new model and will be broadcast almost in real time, thus giving viewers the opportunity to take an active part in the unfolding of events. Only they will determine which contestant will move forward each week, as well as the big winner at the end of the season.