The Farm 8 Begins On September 3 On bTV And Brings Together Winners From Previous Seasons

Veselka Marinova, Vanya Ilieva, Yani Andreev and Deyan Kamenov are among the emblematic contestants in the eighth season of the show - "The Bridge of Time"


After months of anxious anticipation, the launch date for “The Farm” is now clear. The eighth season of the most constructive and positive reality show returns on September 3 on bTV with an uncompromising selection of contestants. Under the motto "The Bridge of Time", the show will gather winners from previous editions who have left a deep mark in the hearts of viewers and will show new, interesting characters with the potential of future favorites.

One of the surprises will be the appearance of the first woman to ever win "The Farm" - the combative and persistent Veselka Marinova, who won the grand prize of BGN 100,000 in the fifth season of the reality show that completely changed her life. Another determined, energetic former contestant will step through the heavy wooden gate - yacht stewardess and adventure lover Vanya Ilieva, better known as Happy Vanche. In "The Farm" 6, she not only set a record for won duels on the Arena, but also left the show with the prize.

In the eighth season of the show more favorite faces will return. Among them are the hard-working, inspiring beekeeper Yani Andreev, winner of "The Farm" 3 and the rock star who is not afraid of rural lifestyle - Deyan Kamenov from "D2", who reached the first place in "The Farm" 4. The legendary former contestant Dimitar Gospodinov-Guspa will also enter the reality show to relive the battles, excitement and hardships.

These and other iconic names from previous seasons of "The Farm" will unite in the team from the "Past", and new contestants, including a gamer, police officer, manager, obstetrician-gynecologist, nutritionist, athlete and mayor, will form the "Future" team. In the embrace of the breathtaking Bulgarian nature, on the banks of the beautiful Dikanya Dam, they will all work for months to transform the uninhabited but fertile land into a romantic farming village. The show will revive good relationships and hard work, remind us of the lessons of history and give the most worthy a chance to win the grand prize of BGN 100,000.