The New Culinary Series On Soul & Pepper - "The Forgotten Taste" Takes Us Back To A Home-cooked And Delicious Past

The winner of season 1 of the first Bulgarian culinary reality show on Soul & Pepper - "Dish of the Year" Chef Alexander Georgiev will present us his personal top 10 ranking of national dishes


Mackerel, pork with beans and mushrooms, sardines made of sour grass and a lot more traditional dishes from the old cookbooks will be in focus in a brand new show on Soul&PepperTV. The TV show "The Forgotten Taste" is sure to make us feel nostalgic for the days gone by, but it will also remind us of the reason why we should still be cooking our own national dishes today.

In the show, with a masterful approach, cooking secrets and a sense of taste, Chef Georgiev will show us his favorite recipes from the time when "eco" and "organic" grew at grandma and grandpa's in the village, not at the counter.

Watch the TOP 10 of the most delicious Bulgarian dishes in Alexander's personal ranking in "The Forgotten Taste" every Sunday at 8:30 pm only on Soul&PepperTV.