The Results of the Final Episodes of bTV's Top Productions Reaffirmed our Leading Positions in Entertainment Content Throughout the Entire Spring Season


The final episode of Bulgaria's most popular culinary show – MasterChef – topped the charts in the audience rankings. The battle between the three finalists for the grand prize of 100,000 leva was watched by 1,001,850 viewers in front of the TV screen. The peak of the viewer interest was focused on the finale, when the show for good taste gained the attention of over 1,202,000 people.

The episode of 28.05.2019 caused a huge interest among viewers of all age groups – 29.3.0% share for 18-49, 28.3% for youths between 18 and 34, 36.0% for women between 25 and 54, and 26.2% for men between 18 and 49.

The variety of characters and personal stories, as well as the enormous efforts of the contestants, maintained the attention of viewers from all target groups and across the country throughout the entire season.

The episodes were also available at for seven days after broadcasting, where they attracted 417 271 unique viewers for the period 18.02.2019-04.06.2019.

Unaired footage and summaries from the popular culinary show were available to all fans online. The additional special videos were uploaded within the segment "For the Insatiable" on the MasterChef website (

Additional content was also created for radio listeners. In the special segment on Radio N-JOY called "Masterzone", contestants from the current and previous seasons appeared to share  their recipes and cooking tricks with the listeners.

Soon the search for new culinary talents will be resumed. This enables brands to tie their products with the original culinary content on all platforms.

On 29.05.2019 bTV broadcast the final episode of "Wife Swap", which was the choice of 29.3 % (All 4+) of viewers. The young population preferred our program over the competition -28.8% of the target audience A18-34 watched the final episode of the third season of the show.

The social experiment changed the lives of 28 families and retained the interest of 34% (Аll 4+) of viewers. The participation of celebrities and the reveal of their personal lives, as well as the sharing of a variety of formulas for happiness from families with radically different philosophies of life, contributed to the high viewership results:

The show was also further promoted through the segment "Lost in Translation" on Radio N-JOY, where key issues of the television format were commented by a popular psychologist.

The finale of the fourth season of "Home Makeover" was watched by over 900 000 viewers. The touching story attracted 1.3 times more viewers than the program of the second-most watched media.

The show was also the choice of the young population throughout the entire fourth season – 37.5% (A18-34). The distribution of viewers of active age by gender, who watched the exciting renovation of the homes of families in need every Thursday, is as follows:

Exclusive tie-in content was created on all bTV Media Group platforms.

Special videos with Karadjov, showing different methods and craftsman tricks, were published in the "Home Makeover" section at The listeners of Radio N-Joy and bTV Radio could watch the "Home just like new, with Vladi Karadjov", where he gave directions for repair and maintenance of the home.

In June, "Home Makeover" starts filming its next season. All who want to tie their brand with the show through alternative promotional forms and product placement can contact the sales team of bTV Media Group.

Part of the spring season was also the sixth season of the most popular music show, "The Voice of Bulgaria". An unprecedented furor was caused by its final episode on 09.06.2019.

Over 1 250 000 viewers enjoyed the final performances of the contenders. The big prize of 50,000 leva and a first original single was won by Atanas Kateliev, and the great battle for the audience's interest was decisively won by the final episode of "The Voice of Bulgaria":

"The Voice of Bulgaria" finale again turned into a stage for the 360° Live Advertising Form in Bulgaria, utilized by two advertisers (more information here and here).

Showing spectacular results throughout the season, "The Voice of Bulgaria" is undoubtedly the most watched show in the past spring season. Viewers from all target groups with different interests watched the most popular music format.

Exclusive video content with curious stories from behind the scenes were available in the section "The Voice behind the scenes" at, as well as in the weekly segment "Sing, my heart" by V-reporter Elina on Radio N-JOY and in The Facebook page of the show.

The productions of bTV Media Group give advertisers the ultimate opportunity to reach a huge number of viewers on all platforms and to tie their brands and products to high-quality content.


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