"The Taste Of Bulgaria" With Maria Zhekova Starts On September 24 At 11 AM On bTV

The culinary adventure starts with a special one-hour episode from the Rhodope mountains


The first special episode of bTV's newest culinary show "The Taste of Bulgaria" starts on Saturday (September 24) at 11:00 and will be with double-length. Within an hour, the host Maria Zhekova - winner of the seventh season of MasterChef, will introduce the viewers to the topics and directions of her televised culinary journey through Bulgaria, which will begin from the magical Rhodope Mountains.

The first exclusive shots will be from the home of Maria herself in the village of Varbovo, and she will share why she chose this place as her home and what excites her and keeps her there. The host will invite the viewers to find out together what "The Taste of Bulgaria" is.

In the heart of the Rhodope mountains, Maria will have an emotional encounter with the colorful women from Osikovo - a small village nestled in the mountains that has preserved its authentic culinary recipes and traditions. They will gladly share the secret of the dishes they prepare in their everyday life - the real, healthy products and the old varieties preserved to this day.

"Here, the sun is as soft as a banitsa pie, and the people are as colorful as Osikovo socks," Maria will exclaim.

The culinary adventure will also take the viewers to visit Petyo from the village of Gela, who is an excellent example of a restaurateur who has chosen the Rhodope village as his home. In the Rhodopes, a bagpipe cannot fail to sound, and Maria will also take the spectators up to the birthplace of Mursal tea on Mount Mursalitsa, to remind them of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.

In the first special episode of "The Taste of Bulgaria", in Maria Zhekova's home territory, the host will also share a special, wonderful recipe for a cake with Mursal tea and Osikovo strawberries.

Don't miss "The Taste of Bulgaria" on Saturday, September 24 at 11:00 on bTV!