The Women Of Bulgaria

A new video series on will give recognition to the incredible stories of the women of Bulgaria


The media continues to pursue its strategy of digital diversification by adding new projects to the content of its websites. The project “The Women of Bulgaria” starts in mid-April as a special segment on The focus of the team will be cross-media communication in the media’s own platforms through intriguing articles in the pages of the new, and

Every Wednesday we will publish a new video story, shot in an interesting and diverse location allowing a close look at the lives of the guests.

Whether they are Olympic champions, mothers of several children, superstars, doctors, bankers or the prime minister's wife, they are role models and inspirational women who have stories to tell that are valuable to everyone. To each story we will add something extra and curious that people do not know about - hobbies, daily rituals, family, interesting facts or stories in the form of additional videos.

The host and face of the segment is Stanimira Atanasova, a sports journalist at bTV. She has gained experience in various websites and newspapers, as well as while being an assistant organizer in a number of European and world championships. She believes that both sports and journalism are worth the challenge because they can tell real, inspiring human stories. It is for this reason that she decided to embark on this original project and highlight to the users of the website those leadership stories that create, change and guide others.

“The Women of Bulgaria” provide an opportunity for intriguing and memorable brand integrations. For more details and a personal offer, you can send an inquiry to