Total Relaxation At The Seven Rila Lakes In The New Episodes Of "Yoga with Sana"

Become one of over 600 thousand viewers practicing selected yoga asanas in the breathtaking beauty of the Rila


In a new series of episodes on WnessTV, certified instructor Sana will reveal the intricacies in the practice of selected yoga asanas, breathing techniques and total meditations for a fresh awakening in the morning, invigoration at noon and relaxation in the evening.

The new episodes impress with specially selected eagle's-eye footage of one of Europe's most beautiful places - the seven Rila lakes. Breathe in and breathe out amidst the magic of Salzata ("The Tear"), Okoto ("The Eye"), Babreka ("The Kidney"), Bliznaka ("The Twin"), Trilistnika ("The Trefoil"), Ribnoto Ezero ("The Fish Lake") and Dolnoto Ezero ("The Lower Lake") to become one with nature.

Do not miss the new episodes starting August 21 at 6:00 pm only on WnessTV!