World Radio Day 2023

10 interesting radio facts that might surprise you


bTV Radio Group celebrated World Radio Day, which this year was declared by UNESCO under the theme "Radio and Peace". On February 13, we celebrated the importance of radio as a source of quality journalism, reliable news, beloved music, entertaining shows and much more quality content.

On the occasion of the celebration, the Bulgarian radio group, uniting the stations N-JOY, bTV Radio, Jazz FM, Classic FM and Z-Rock in one unique portfolio, shares 10 interesting and useful facts about radio that may surprise you. As part of the World Radio Alliance and EGTA, bTV Radio Group has access to the latest research on radio as well as the experience and best practices of some of the world's leaders in the media business.

  1. Radio enables brands to reach millions of people every day - 70% of Europe's population listens to radio every day
  2. Radio dominates the booming audio landscape;
  3. Radio reaches a huge proportion of the under-35 age group on a daily basis;
  4. Radio should be part of any successful media plan

  1. Radio is listened to all day long, not just while eating breakfast and driving - 74% of listeners consume audio during their daily rituals;
  2. Radio is the number one media in connected cars;
  3. Radio is proven to increase advertising effectiveness and boost ROI
  4. Radio drives traffic, demand and e-commerce

  1. Radio continues to be the most trusted medium in Europe according to a UNESCO report.
  2. Radio can easily target the right people at the right time with the right content. Due to factors such as geographic coverage, demographic refinement and proper scheduling, it includes time and day of the week of the ads/ messages broadcast and reaches through contextual positioning.

Now it's easier than ever to listen to radio, thanks also to the new Radiomate radio app, available for Android and iOS. The bTV Radio Group's new free platform allows users to switch between different radio stations extremely easily and intuitively without leaving the app. Thanks to the background mode, audio listeners can follow their favourite radio on the go. Radiomate even offers headlines оf the most up-to-date news from all the websites of the radio stations that are part of the bTV Radio Group.

Radio remains one of Europe's most widely accessible and trusted medium among its extremely diverse audience. The date of 13 February has been designated World Radio Day, on the initiative of Italy and following a vote by the UN General Assembly.

Sources: egta, UNESCO, InsideRadio