Boost. Reach Beyond.

When an out-of-the-box, individual approach and the multi-platform world of content join forces


Share the screen. Engage with the emotion. Grow brand value. Boost. Reach beyond and into the emotional world of content, and engage consumer attention on all platforms.

In bTV Media Group a special team of professionals takes care of and enables our partners to position their brands and products in an interesting and visible way, beyond the advertising break and the conventional, right into the emotional world of content and consumer attention.

Boost is our brand that combines the superpowers of the multiplatform world of bTV Media Group and offers tailor-made, creative solutions for brand integrations as close as possible to users' favorite content, at times when their attention is most actively engaged.

bTV Media Group established the alternative ad forms on the Bulgarian market in 2009. Since then the media continuously develops and offers innovative advertising solutions to its partners. One of the most recent multiplatform advancements is the 360 livestream from grand finales of live entertainment formats where brands are integrated through attractive 3D ads. Implementing the latest trend for using augmented reality as means of visual communication in our high-tech studio has also opened attractive new opportunities for boosting viewer engagement. Our team can also twin your brand with one of bTV celebrities enabling it to talk to the fan base of the beloved and trusted faces from the screen and to catch the trendiest new faces from our talent shows.

Together with its partners, bTV Media Group has brought local branded entertainment to a higher level widening the scope of special projects. We have gone from just airing a few bugs or a number of mere visualizations in the shows to executing full-fledged integrated campaigns across TV, radio, and digital. These special multiplatform projects enable brands to dive into the content, share the user experience on all screens and engage with customers’ emotions. Special projects reach even beyond bTV Media Group’s platforms extending in brand activations at point-of-sale and in owned media of advertisers.

Together we can reach beyond and advance your form of communication in order to boost the value of your brand!

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