When Data Speaks

What are the 2020 outtakes and what is the outlook for the tendencies in 2021?


Last year was most certainly a challenge for every industry across the globe. We noted a significant difference in the ad planning of the clients across the web platforms of bTV Media Group, as well as a shift in the audience that were being selected via the Data Management Platform for precise targeting.

What stood out mostly was our clients’ preference for predominantly sports-oriented clients (divided by men and women who enjoy sports, respectively). With the help of this audience group, we generated over 20 million targeted impressions in the period of March – Dec 2020. The audience in discussion was preferred mostly by betting companies, FMCG, as well as the automotive sector.

Second place goes to our family audience, comprised of parents and housewives. This target generated about 40% of the impressions in the third quarter of 2020 only. Sectors, related to the production of household items, female-oriented goods and products for children were among the ones that chose this audience.

The male audience stands at third place, and precisely men with higher income. Across the web this specific target is slightly harder to find, but all the more interesting for advertisers. Brands look for this specific target as they need much less information than women prior to making a purchase, and make a much quicker decision about it. This audience group made 13% of the ad impressions through our DMP platform. The target was especially sought after during the first and last quarter of 2020.

In 2021 we believe that advertisers’ focus will be on topics related to home, sports and wellbeing. The behavioral change within consumers comes as a result from the fact that many people relocated their office space at home.

We believe the female target will be preferred, but also the male audience that works from home.

To ensure maximum precision in reaching your customer base, our digital sales team is available to offer you the best solution in 2021 as well.