Programmatic 2021

The last two years have proven that the digital world is moving towards the automatic purchase of advertising, or the so-called programmatic deals. The solutions offered by bTV Media Group.


One of the main advantages of programmatic purchasing is the flexibility and freedom it gives to our clients. The control and transparency that programmatic purchasing offers, the purchase of creatives and settings for the campaign is a convenience for the clients, especially in times of social distancing.

Another major advantage is the so-called real-time reporting. This is the dream of every advertiser - to be able to monitor exactly how each creative performs in each campaign, while looking for better optimization. This not only facilitates and automates the process of buying our advertising space, but also provides a personalized message to the client's creatives.

Combined with our DMP platform and the 3 million user cookies collected so far, programmatic purchasing has become an even more powerful advertising tool that reaches the right people at the right time. As mentioned above with the real-time reporting option and the optimization options and the DMP platform the results will be available immediately. This also increases the attention of users and therefore increases the percentage of people who are interested and go to the client's website. Every year we report great growth in this type of transaction.

Clients can also take advantage of our latest option that we offer this year - native formats. Native advertising is an elegant way to tie-in a brand with relevant content. The advertising format merges with the content of our websites and conveys the client’s message to users in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

We noticed in 2019 and 2020 how the focus on programmatic purchases is increasing dramatically. In 2020 compared to 2019, the impressions invested in programmatic transactions have increased by over 30%. For Preferred Deals alone, there is a 51% increase in impressions. This suggests that in 2021 this growth will continue and that most agencies and clients are focusing on automated processes in the digital sphere.